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Every morning like – I think, half of London population, I take the Northern Line. It’s 8.22am and here is what it looks like:

Of course I’m exaggerating – say people who know me. Hmm, let me think… No I’m not!! Yesterday morning I spent 15min squeezed between a greasy-haired girl and a suit half my size who had his nose in my boobs. Sometimes it’s my nose which gets stuck under somebody’s armpit. And I’m not talking about having strangers’ leg pressed between your owns.

But I’m not criticizing, who said Londoners were cold and distant?!? Certainly not me. On the contrary I don’t know any other citizens who will tolerate this – well a part perhaps the Japanese of the video, and maybe the New-Yorkers? Ok, I don’t know to be honest, let’s say I was speaking for “civilised” country like France, Sweden, Switzerland (do they have the underground there?), Germany, even Spain! (I’ve never been pushed even once when I was studying over there).*

It isn’t my topic.

My topic is: what a marvellous intimate moment we, the people, are sharing every morning. This morning I was lucky enough to secure a seat quite soon in my journey, unfortunately some girl gave me the impression she was about to collapse on my laps at every change of speed. I could have stood up I hear you saying… Well, no! It’s my seat, I’ve pushed, bitten, scratched to get it and won’t let some remote person take it.

Oh, there’s one exception then: the pregnancy rule. You know it, everybody does. I’m not considering the elder rule because I actually never know if the person I am intending to give my seat to is “old” enough to deserve it: when I was 10, a 30 year old woman was “old” for me, now I’d say 50 is quite old but at the same time my Mum is 51 and I would never call Her old, I mean, she is not, period. So it’s quite tricky as you can see.
But the pregnancy rule… aaaahhh even trickier..! Here is an advice, if the woman doesn’t look OBVIOUSLY pregnant don’ give your seat up. Trust me you wouldn’t want to offer by mistake your seat to an overweight woman.
Imagine how embarrassing that could be!!! In presence of doubt don’t move.

Once I had a very embarrassing moment, there was this woman, young, with her boyfriend/partner/husband standing in front of me. I was sitting. I kinda notice a slight bulge on her stomach, but she was quite skinny at the same time and it could have been just a bit of a belly, and maybe it was I never really knew. Her partner was standing besides her. At some point I noticed the guy had crutches – you cannot actually mistake crutches with anything else! So I gave him my seat – which he declined. That’s when it happens, the moment I sat back down, I caught the look the woman gave to the guy. I suddenly understood she was actually pregnant and although she didn’t complain or said anything it became quite clear that she should have been the one I had offered my seat to. Great moment of loneliness, it’s quite hard to try to disappear in this case.

Since then I just copy my fellow traveller and ignore everything happening around me.

There are some quite priceless tips I’m giving to you there. Enjoy your trip!!!



*This is meant to be a JOKE, for those who would question my humour. Of course you might think it’s NOT funny but take it as coming from a frog-eater. (delicious things by the way, frogs I mean!!)


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Sunday: Cleaning Duty!

How could I imagine how dirty and messy an apartment can become in the space of a week..? Somebody, anybody should have told me!

How could I have foreseen that I/we would spend a day per week cleaning the place? Avoiding by an inch to live in a pig house. Seriously, there must be something wrong.

How, otherwise do you explain that dirty dishes are piling up faster that I manage to clean them?

Why are my goldfish pooping faster than their shadow? – I could stop feeding them but I’m not even sure that would stop them.

Why are clothes piling up in every corner of the room? Clean and dirty ones mixed up, it’s more interesting to tidy like that πŸ˜‰

I feel like a colony of goblins have moved in with us and undo everything I do.

So Sundays I clean, and you know what I wouldn’t mind that much if I had the choice of the music – BF is listening to Oasis full volume just now, I HATE Oasis and the Gallagher Morons!!!!

And tomorrow when I come back to work on Monday and my colleagues ask me what I’ve done during the week-end I will just answer:
“Well nothing really, just chilling you know..”

πŸ™‚ Have a good week.

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It’s in Crete!!

The place is truly amazing. Beautiful and sunny, the sea in so clear you can count the grains of sand.

Look at that!!

Let’s talk about the food then: tasty, flavoured, tender, delicious, rich too… A festival for your senses!

We agreed beforehand that we were going on Sun Holidays, i.e. we won’t spend all afternoons in dusty museum and excavations, and come back home as white as a parsnip, that wasn’t the purpose at all.

We did do some cultural stuff in the end but it was kinda cool: A cruise in the Mirabello Gulf to visit an old leper colony on an island, a visit of the ruins of a Minoan city – this one was top, there was nobody in the ruins or very few people, we were there trying to guess the old pattern of the streets, which house was belonging to whom – I was Indiana Jones!!! πŸ™‚


I will put some more pictures now and leave it as it is. I’ve started this post more than 2 weeks ago and it starts to be a bit of a drag now.

So here it is, Crete in pictures πŸ™‚ :

Aghios Nikolaos – The lake side

Aghios Nikolaos, the lake

Spinalonga, the leper colony



Hotel’s swimming pool

Path to the beach

It was magic…


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Times are changing…

Hi there!

I beg your pardon, I am sorry I haven’t written anything for the last month and a half despite all your praises. I am not giving up on this blog!

I have been extremely busy since coming back from Crete. Actually: I found a job! A temporary one at first but it has been quite intense especially after 4 months of almost complete inactivity. I was absolutely wrecked and am just starting now to find spare time to write again – well, I am blogging instead of cleaning the flat for example !! πŸ™‚

Although my temporary job ends up next week, in the meantime I’ve been hired by another company for a permanent position and I start on Monday week! I’m thrilled and I can’t wait to begin!!!


I know this is a short post, but I will be back very soon with pictures from Crete, and very exciting stories from the inside of the world of fashion. I know you can’t wait!!!

Have a great week-end πŸ™‚

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