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Friday forever

I am gazing into the emptiness, this day is lasting forever! It’s Friday, 15h24, the phone has been silent for the last 5 hours and I have been looking at my spreadsheet for the last 3hours. The phone rang; it is one of the directors’ wife. I want to go home!

To keep myself busy and my hangover at bay, I’ve just started a small translation work: write a letter in French. Pfffiu I’m already exhausted at the thought of it. Today will never end.


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I want to hear your opinion:

Yesterday Google and the launch of its new application, Google Street London, was making the headlines of every national newspaper.

Today it appears that some area of London will be blanked out over fears for privacy breach. Allegedly the face of a man walking out from a sex shop has been recognised.

What do you think? I personnally had quite a bit of fun trying to locate my sister’s apartment in Paris, but I guess wrong-doers can always find a much  dodgier use to this otherwise really cool application.

Please feel free to tell me what you think, I’ll put the results together and publish it in a next post.

Check out the link on bbc.co.uk: Google View snapshots of people’s everyday life and their surprise and comments at finding themselves on Google Street.

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