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Well, well, well… Do not think that I am letting you down. I am just so busy right now. You should be happy for me, instead of complaining 😉

Between interviews, I have powerpoints to make, essays and press releases to write. I am doing everything to get THE job. September is coming and now is really time to get a life!!

I’ll try to post a short note tomorrow – but I am not making any promises! And then…


Yes, “again” (I heard you)

I am going to Crete for a week with BF, getting the sun, bathing in the sea, etc; you know the rest, no need for a picture.

I am putting one though – a picture – but not of what you’re thinking of!

Raaaah, c'est trop beau!!

So, take care, I’ll be back soon with amazing news I hope. Ciao.


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Back to business!!!

Hello, hello!

Yesterday has been a good day. Although I spent the whole day sat on my couch, I worked hard. Sending CV’s is quite repetitive, as is answering always the same questions again and again. But that’s how it works: survival of the most persevering.

But I am now back into the game! 🙂 Youhou!!

I have a couple of interviews lined up in the next days. Pffiiuu it was about time…

I have to go now, more CV’s to send. Take care people.

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Recipe 1: Crêpes*

This is the beginning of a new chronicle: Recipes

Behold, here is my Crêpes* Recipe!! – Ok I prefer stopping right there, it is not my recipe, I got it from my sister who herself got it from her flatmate back when she was in University, who herself got it from her mother who apparently does the best Britton crêpes ever. “Britton” being “from Brittany”, not Great-Britain, that’s why I put 2 “t”‘s. Now, having given back to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar, take notes:

You need:

– 250g (500mL) of flour

– 75g (37.5mL) of sugar

– 50g of butter

– 2 or 3 eggs – basically: 2 big eggs or 3 small ones

– 1/4L of milk

– 1/4L of water

The door of my fridge with three small eggs, the milk and the butter.

The door of my fridge with three small eggs, the milk and the butter.

You put flour and sugar in a big salad bowl, add the butter previously melted and the eggs. You can mix the eggs separately and then pour them in the salad bowl.

Mix everything together.

Then, add the milk, very slowly and keep stirring the base. The challenge is to avoid lumps. There should be none. Then add the water, the same way as you added the milk, pour very slowly and keep stirring.

Now you have a perfect not too thin not too thick base, with no lumps.

Cover it with a clean tea towel, and let it rest for a couple of hours or the whole night.

The bowl covered with a CLEAN tea towel

The bowl covered with a CLEAN tea towel

perfectly smooth, no lumps

What the base should look like: perfectly smooth, no lumps

That’s it, now it’s up to you and your hot fry pan. Don’t get burnt, and remember to “oil” or “butter” the fry pan so the crêpe doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Serve them with whatever you want, sweet or salty.

Bon Appetit!

* A crêpe is a thin pancake for those who read the whole article without knowing what we were talking about! 🙂

Edit: For those like me who have problems with measuring quantities and converting grams of flour into mL and mL of sugar back in to grams, here is what saved my life: The Cooking Conversions Website. It’s very helpful.

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… Or could she be?

My new best friend

My new best friend

She looks fun, doesn’t she?

Everything started when I read this article in The London Paper yesterday. And I thought: wait a minute, why not me? Ok I’m not a Brit, but could Paris Hilton be my best friend? I am sure she would love to have a Frenchy as a friend, I mean L.A. is full of Brits anyway, having a French friend is like getting a pair of Louboutin pumps 3 months before everybody else. Oooh I feel like I’m scoring a point there, I could convince her I’m sure.

I mean, she’s just a girl after all. A horribly spoiled, selfish, and self-centred bitch but still a human being.

For a start we’re both blond! Ahah, never underestimate the blond bond, people! Look at Nicole Ritchie: blond, Lindsay Lohan: blondish/redish, Mischa Barton: blond. Another point for me.

The only things I know how to cook properly are pies, I could definitely teach her:

My new best friend, Paris

My new best friend, Paris

And then we would make Pie Parties!! Wouhou!! How fun would that be!! Definitely another point for me there.

I could definitely teach her how to be a lady, and she would teach me how to be a slut: that’s true friendship when you exchange skills and share your core abilities..

She has a boyfriend, I do too (and he doesn’t fancy her, he says..), so we could exchange tips and confide in each other. That’s what true best friends do!

She says: I need a best pal who is hot, can keep up with me and won’t be a backstabber

Oh Paris I’m so glad we found each other, it is so me! I’m hot, I can keep up with you, don’t worry darling I am way smarter than you ;), and I am the most loyal friend you could have: you can stand me up, ignore me, out stage me, I will always be there for you, if you need me or my sensible advice…

Dear Paris we are meant to be together. I know it.

More seriously for those interested, she’s really looking for a Brit best friend, for more details, everything is on thelondonpaper.com website. There will be a TV show where contestants will live in a house and will have to fight to show their loyalty. Applicants must be between 18 and 28 and “genuinely want to be Paris Hilton’s new best friend

My new best friend

My new best friend

You know what? I’m making fun of it, laughing, etc. but I don’t know who I am pitying the most: The fanatic people who are going to fight for the friendship of a ruthless heir? Or the ruthless heir herself which is so venal and corrupted that she would probably sell her soul to the devil for 10 more minutes of fame?

However I know who to blame for: Programme-makers, broadcasters, advertisers who decided once for all that people are cattle to be fed with crap and brainwashed until complete passivity. And don’t tell me, “offer follows demand”!! Producers don’t give a damn about what people actually want to see on TV!

Aah, I feel better having said what I thought 🙂

People, take care.

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Cashflow Deficit

Today, it has been almost 3 months I’m in London, looking for my dream job. I think it’s time to get back to earth.

Allo LondonLady?, this is Earth, please come back to us!!” – “Roger, I said.

So I am going to temp, I mean I seriously need cash, at such point that I am actually waiting for a call from my bank.. In fact, why not getting a job in admin, in an office, spending the day in front of a computer and with an Internet connection. I will still look for my dream job, of course!! Those are the reasons I finally decided to hear. And they are the most sensible, aren’t they?

But: “PR, beware, I’m still coming!!

A part from that, my sister, the one in China, just opened her blog: Confucius & Co., the link is in the right-hand column under French Readings. I am sorry for my English readers but she writes in French. She describes her first experiences, troubles and adventures (yes adventures..) in the Empire of the Middle. It’s often very very funny and very well described: how to overcome a huge cultural gap could have been the sub-title – It’s great and I am totally unbiased of course!! 😉

Take care people and I will try to write more about universal things rather than ME, tomorrow!

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New occupiers…

Please welcome our three new flatmates: Fyero, Horatio and Padraig.

I wish them a long and happy life in their new home 🙂

Aren’t they cute? The brown one’s called Fyero, The red and white’s name is Padraig (pronounced like “Porik” or close) and the orange one is Horatio, my favourite.

I hope they won’t enjoy the risky life as much as their predecessors whose favourite game was “playing dolphin”, very stressful for their poor owner, aka me.

Dear Lilo Vanders and Jallo, rest in peace.

Edit: Padraig is dead 😦 I found him resting at the bottom of the tank in the evening of the same day I wrote this post. RIP Padraig… We’ll miss you.

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I don’t know if all of you had followed, but I was in Italy a couple of weeks ago for the wedding of my ex-flatmate of Dublin. The word to remember is: “wedding” – yes this is my first wedding where I’m invited as a friend of the bride/groom, in this case, the bride. It is awkward. It is so weird seeing her in her wonderful white dress, in front of the altar, so serious, so pretty. This same girl I used to see spending days in her pyjamas-a-la Bridget Jones, swearing even more than me, this girl who starts her sentences with “mon amour” (talking to me) and ends them up with “you’re such a bitch”. Yes this girl is now married and a respected woman 😉

I can’t resist putting a picture of her and her husband, she will forgive me I’m sure.

See? How cute they are!!

Then about the wedding itself, the ceremony took place in a really nice church form the 12th century, you’ll see the pictures below and then we drove to the restaurant where we spent the afternoon eating. I’m not joking: 9 courses!!!!

Fortunately, we were having breaks between courses, when we had to… dance!! Never promise a tearful bride-to-be: “Of course, I will dance at your wedding!!!” :)) I found myself dancing with everybody, a dance called “Ciapa la Gallina”… In English: “Catch the chicken”, in French: “Chope le poulet”. I let to your imagination what the steps were like…

Oh I don’t regret anything, it was great fun, but I’m not putting any videos or pictures of it, not this time. 😉

I had a great time, we were at a table of 8, and we were all English-speakers. Despite French pride, English IS the universal language.. I had to answer quite weird questions though, the one I heard the most often was (in Italian), but she’s French, why does she speak English? To which I used to answer: I don’t know, do YOU speak French?? That was usually settling things down.

After 7 hours spent eating we finally went home leaving the newly-wed behind. From what Felicetta told me, in front of her mother and parents-in-law, in English (fortunately!!), when I said goodbye, they had plans of their own… 🙂

“My dear Felicetta I wish you all happiness you deserve. I hope you and Leo will have the most wonderful life together for a very long time!!”

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