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Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

A very cute video – an adorable Cat.


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I have many favourite places. Having moved houses, regions, and schools extensively since I was born means I have left many kind memories of places I loved behind me. But when I close my eyes I only see one.

I remember first a feeling of heat. The hot summer air surrounds me like a burning veil. It carries a delicate smell of dry grass, pungent thyme, aromatic rosemary and sweet lavender, and from far away the acrid smoke of a bush fire. I am lying on a mattress of short-cut grass that slightly scratches my bare legs and arms. I can also smell the olive trees nearby and the tenuous fragrance of the lemon trees farther away.

The air is thrilling with the continuous chirping of the crickets. Wrapped in the noisy silence of Nature, I can also hear the hard-working ants and the beetles crawling between the sharp blades of grass beneath my head. The air is too hot for birds, hidden in their nests, they are waiting for the cool evening air to free them. The chimes of bells from the village church below reaches me, carried away by the wind. I am too far from the house to hear the voices of my family. At that time of the day, grown-ups are digesting their gargantuan lunch in the shadow and coolness of their bedrooms. It is the time when children are left alone, free from the careful watch of the elders.

I open my eyes and the white brightness of the sun is blinding me for a few seconds. The air above me is buzzing with brightly-coloured butterflies. A couple of dragonflies – elegant and ruthless killers – glide in complicated arabesques. A ladybird lands on my right hand. I am looking at her and raising the finger high in the sky I lead her to the sun. Far away above my head, very high in the sky, white fluffy clouds are racing each others. Around me the steep hills look dry and slightly hazy in the heat. I can see the observatory at the top of the highest one. Behind me the vineyard flanked by two peach trees seem immutable. Olive trees with their silver leaves are host of thousands of crawling creatures.

In my favourite place time doesn’t matter and I’m staying there forever, as immutable as the twisted and bent olive trees around me.

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I‘m afraid this one is the last one I found:

still very, very funny!

see :Simon’s Cat

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Today it’s Wednesday and it has been a week since we’ve watched Simon’s Cat. So here we go again:

Simon’s Cat as the greatest hunter of his generation.

Come back next week for more Simon’s Cat – or go to YouTube and watch’em all at once 🙂

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I discovered Simon’s Cat not long ago and I can’t resist: I want more!!

So here is another one, just for a bit of a laugh.

Chouchenn? Did someone say Chouchenn? 🙂

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Feed the cat!

Please, feed the cat 🙂

and another one because it’s just too cute.

There are so many more. Go check out Simon’s cat 🙂

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 And here we go for the last bits:

  • You express personal opinions in a plural: “Sweety and I, we love the X factor”. “Sweety and I, we don’t like George Bush.”
  • And when he is there, you add: “don’t you Sweety?”
  • You agree with him very often.
  • When you go out from the lift, men let you go first.
  • When you take the Tube, youths get up and give you their seat.
  • You don’t know when are the school holidays.
  • You say “youths” instead of “teenagers”.
  • You think youths are very noisy.
  • Dinner with friends have replaced going out and partying till the end of the night.
  • When you’re asked for a last drink at midnight, you answer: “It’s not very sensible, I have a meeting/school run tomorrow morning.”
  • In night clubs you find the music very loud whereas the DJ hasn’t arrived yet.
  • The day after a night out you have rings under your eyes.
  • The day after a night out, you stay home in pyjamas with herbal tea.
  • You don’t claim to be anti-beauty surgery anymore. You even think Demi Moore is very well maintained.
  • You can’t lose weight by downing back three pots of Nutella anymore. Now you have to eat fish and vegetables.
  • You know where to find the vegetables in the supermarket, you even know their names.
  • Your fridge is full
  • You’re not asked for your ID when you buy cigarettes or alcohol.
  • You are flattered when they refuse to sell you alcohol when you don’t have your ID.
  • Same applies for night clubs.
  • You prefer hotels rather than camping, it’s more comfortable.
  • You think about the future
  • You think about your pension
  • Your banker starts considering you as a potential client, not a potential thug.
  • You think your mother is actually right.
  • When your mother talks, you listen to her.
  • Physically you look more and more like our mother.
  • And morally too.
  • You have a dishwasher.
  • You think it’s a shame getting up at 1pm on a Sunday, it shortens the day too much.
  • Bands we used to listen when we were young are either vintage, worshipped, split, or dead. Or the four at the same time, like Nirvana.
  • You think it was better before.
  • You are obsessed with your age.


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