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Keep away from fire…


The other day I noticed quite unexpectedly a label on my underwear. They weren’t new, it wasn’t the first time I was putting them but God knows why I had never noticed before.

“Keep away from fire”


I am sorry: do people still burn their underwear? Did I miss something?

Silly maybe but at least this unfortunate underwear story made my day! Yes. I giggled for at least 5min and it made me want to share my amusement with as many people as possible to the greater disbelief and slight worries of my English workmates.


Really you don’t think it is funny?

Please think again. You are in the toilet, putting your knickers back up and then you see it: “Keep away from fire”!




No? still not? Well I guess it was funny on the spur of the moment.

Anyway if one day a nuclear war happens or a frozen wave like in the Day after tomorrow, I will remember to burn the furniture first, the knickers then.


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Bye Bye Baby

No worries I’m just off to Dublin for the week-end! And my week-end starts Wednesday evening.

Au programme:

– Graduation party

– Party

– and party

– Friends

– Shopping

– and party with friends

Byebye Baby, remember you’re my Baby when they give you the eye, nanana anananana nana, byebye Baby byebye.

Bye bye my Baby bye and bye.


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Part of my new job is knowing as much as possible – if not everything, about skiing and snowboarding. I realise it has been a month since the event actually happen, so not really “newsworthy” but still worth having a look!

So I went to the London Freeze in Battersea power station, and for those who don’t know what I’m talking about, please click here, and took a couple of shots. Here they are, quite spectacular, and I’m not only talking about the blue sky!

Some people might doubt those have actually been taken in London, but I swear they were and it was absolutely freezing this day.

And I personally think they are great 😉








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I certify the ownership of this one. – this one for my Sis, which I love and apologise to for “publishing” her Crêpe recipe.

For the absolute beginners a “quiche” is made of two parts: the base and the stuffing.


To get the base you have two solutions, you buy it or you make it. I personally make it. It usually takes me 10min maximum to put together.

You need:

– 250g of flour

– 80g of water (useful reminder: 1g = 1cL)

_ 70 g of oil (olive oil preferred)

– salt

You put the flour in a bowl and pour over water, oil and salt and mix the lot together. You can then use your hands to finish the mixing and make a perfect ball. You have to flatten the ball with a rolling pin to obtain a 5mm wide base. Finally you place the base in a buttered mould.

In the mean time you would have started to prepare the “stuffing” which leads us to


You need:

– 3 green peppers

– 75g oignons

– olive oil

– 200g of bacon

– 3 eggs

– 10cL of fresh cream / sour cream works as well

– salt and pepper

– 50g of grated gruyère / it also works with mild cheddar


Put the base in a mould already greased with butter.

Wash the green peppers and take the seeds off, cut them in thin slices

Peel the onions and cut them in very thin slices

Put the cut onions and peppers in a fry pan with a little bit of olive oil and make them melt

Take the onions from the fry pan and replace them with the bacon

Place the vegetables and the bacon on the base et pour over the fresh cream mixed with the eggs, salt and pepper

Put the grated cheese at the top and place the quiche in the oven for 30min, Th6 / 180°C

Don’t forget to pre heat the oven: 15min, Th 6 / 180°C

Here you go it’s ready and delicious served with a green salad!


Here is what it looks like just out of the oven


Bon appetit!


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Last Sunday, I saw Quantum of Solace. Having read some mild critics, I wasn’t expecting much. And I was surprised! It’s good, very good indeed.

You can sense they are getting there. Ok, it’s loaded with action scenes, car pursuits and big shooting exchanges, gadgtets are gone – or maybe not arrived yet (sniff), the title doesn’t actually mean any thing but there are some really cool bits:

– The opening scene in Sienna is smashing

– The opera scene is absolutely terrific

Although Daniel Craig’s performance is still quite far from a cocky Sean Connery’s, he’s learning, fast.

There where a handful of what made James Bond though:

– The sexy British station agent

– The French villain

– 5 star hotel suites

– Felix

– The all powerful secret organisation

James Bond is still shaping up and will need to go through a few more hardships to become the selfish, cynical, alcoholic, sexy male fantasy we dream of.

And even if “he didn’t sh@g” Camille – as it was very poetically put by a friend of mine, Bond made his come back.

For info I didn’t like Casino Royal. The plot was too complicated, there were too many characters – excuse me we’re talking about a James Bond movie, not a Woodie Allen’s and should be understood the first time you see it. Casino Royal was too slow – I would almost say “boring” but it’s not the exact word I’m looking for.


My favourite James Bonds are:

  1. Sean Connery
  2. Pierce Brosnan – in Goldeneye
  3. Roger Moore – I know he has been heavily criticised but he makes / made a classy, witty, funny James Bond
  4. George Lazenby – On Her Majesty’s Secret Services is one of my favourite ones. It may have to do with Diana Rigg starring in it…
  5. Timothy Dalton – I actually remember watching License to Kill but it made no impression on me whatsoever.

Well, I still have to find a room for Daniel Craig in there… I can’t wait to see Bond 23, and if it is not too much asking: CAN WE HAVE A PROPER TITLE THIS TIME???


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