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Ok so I haven’t written for a while now, apart from yesterday’s post which has actually been standing ready to publish in my drafts folder for 3 weeks. Sorry about that, I have been really busy. And it’s not a lie. Problem is, you see, I only blog during the week-end when I write two three posts in a go, and I’ve been away for the last three week-ends.

Three week-ends away, three weeks without blogging: all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Week-end 1: Dublin

That was officially my Graduation party and unofficially a week-end partying with my friends.

Great week-end. I forgot how bright this city is – when the sun shines! It was really amazing, freezing cold too.

In Dublin people are nice.

In Dublin I spent 4 days with my friends and that’s when I realised how much I had missed them: T and AM I’m talking about you.

In Dublin AM’s parents were there and they treated me like I was an other of their daughters, which in Italian is the equivalent of: feeding me! 🙂

In Dublin I went to the pub, just the two of us: T and I, we had burgers and Guiness surrounded by a very drunk office party and it was one of the best meal I had in ages.

In Dublin I did some shopping and it was as expensive as ever (what credit crunch?!)

Eventually, in Dublin airport I waited more than 2 hours before boarding my plane to London because the anti-ice systems weren’t working.

Some of the best piece of life happened in Dublin and go back in time I just need to pay ÂŁ40 and hop into a plane. Isn’t life wonderful sometimes?



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Guiness Factory (Dublin)

Why else would I decide to move away from my friends, my job and my life in Dublin?

Some who know me would say “LOVE”.

Well.. That’s one reason for sure but there are others: Hugh Grant – every single girl i told I was moving to London answered histerically: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! You are going to meet Hugh Grant!!! – Big Ben, London Eye, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, etc.

I think Fashion, Culture, Theatres and Musicals…

For the moment I’m still in Dublin, organising and planning, running from administration offices to bank and gym.

I’m going to miss this Dirty Old Town!

London, here I am!

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