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Merry Christmas!!





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Please say goodbye to Horatio. He finally joined Padraig in Goldfish Heaven after three days spent in a painful agony. I was sad, but I’m sure he is much better where he is now.

I didn’t forget brave Horatio and pretty Padraig but after a few weeks, it was time to introduce Fyero to new goldfish.

It was for his own good.

Hence came Sergio (a completely white goldfish) and Harry (orange with large white spots), a bridge and a plastic aquatic plant. The first couple of days were tough for Fyero and he rejected both Sergio and Harry and spent his time hiding under the bridge.

Now a couple of weeks later the three of them get on very well together and everything is for the best in their tank-house.


Edit for the little curious: Horatio was named after Lieutenant Horatio Caine from CSI Miami. Padraig was named after Padraig Harrington, an Irish golfer. Fyero is named after the male love interest in the musical Wicked.

Sergio is named after Sergio Garcia, a Spanish golfer and Harry, well it’s a long story. I wanted to name my new orange goldfish: O’Hara – like Ronan O’Hara, an Irish rugby player I like. But I was absolutely forbidden to do so. As, somehow O’Hara reminds me of Prince Harry, the fish just became Harry – officially.

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I finally came back safe from Switzerland last Wednesday and directly from City Airport to work.

Parenthesis: I absolutely loved flying to City Airport. It was my first time. Then we rode the DLR at the very front, just beside the “driver”, and that was even better.

On Thursday then was our office Christmas Party – sorry: Christmas Lunch although it started at 3.30pm. Well, let’s just say I came back home at 3.30am and called sick on the following morning. No need for more details: my Mum is reading this blog…

I spent a miserable Friday and felt very fragile until about 6pm… I watched TV: Arabesque, the show with Dick Van Dyke as a Doctor and his son as a Detective, Charmed (2 episodes!). I absolutely adore Arabesque, I used to watch it with my grandmother. And she probably still watches it! This and Morse.

Saturday morning I woke up much too early for a Saturday, to go Christmas shopping. It rained the whole day through, it was great! Streets and shops were relatively empty and this time nobody pushed me and/or called me names, which was a serious improvement. But then I had to get ready for the … Christmas Ball

Said like that it sounds great, doesn’t it?

First, BF had completely forgotten about it despite my numerous reminders – but big mistake not in the last three days before the event unfortunately, and he had also forgotten about a very little detail: he had to wear/rent a tux. So while I was trying to figure out if it was better for me to put the dress first (long dress!) or do my hair first and what about the make up, BF went to get his tux. Miraculously he got one.

But we’ve hardly sorted one problem that another one raises: is it really sensible to wear a long dress in the Tube? especially when we have an hour and a half journey and 2 changes? The answer is NO. And what about my hair and my make up?

Too much thinking, we were already late so I did my hair, I put on my make up and packed the dress in a bag – almost forgot the shoes by the way!

In the bag I probably had enough different stuff to face any more alea. I had a hair brush with loads of hair-clips and hair bands and hairspray for hair emergency. I also had my complete pouch of make up: mascara, black and brown pencil, 3 types of brown eye shadows for make up emergency. I also had a toothbrush and deodorant. I was prepared 🙂

Obviously I didn’t use any of these, everything was perfect, the evening was perfect.

Before finishing up this third – and last chapter (for the moment only) of the story of my life I would like to submit a petition: everybody who wants to enforce the wearing of tuxedo for men at random occasions, please leave a comment. I vote for the tuxedo being mandatory at least once a month!!

Thank you.


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Quite obviously and understandably I came back from Dublin quite exhausted. I unpacked only to re-pack for another place, I was going east this time: Switzerland.

Week-end 2: Switzerland

This trip being a business trip there had been a lot less drinking and partying. Still a lot of eating of course, never forget the essential.

And before starting the story I prefer telling you right now: I might use a couple of stereotypes here and there. And sorry about that, but YES, there are some truth in all the stereotypes I came accross.

In Switzerland, when people speak English they have the same accent as the one they have when they speak French.

In Switzerland, even the ATM are slow!

In Zurich I didn’t see much of the city because when we arrived it was dark and when we left it was snowing. There was a lake – a big lake.

In Swiss trains they make each announcement in: 1 – German, 2 – French, 3 – English in this order. I noticed they don’t have an Italian translator.

In Graubunden, the region I was in, they speak a weird language called Romansh which sounds a little bit like a mixed of French and Italian with a strong Savoy accent, which could also sound like Catalan. No need to say it was quite exotic. And Romansh is the fourth official language of Sitzerland.

One day I got all excited when I realised I could understand a local speaking Romansh in his phone only to find out that he was just speaking Italian…

In the ski resort I was visiting – that’s the “business” part of the trip, there was snow, a lot of snow and ice everywhere. I kept slipping.

In Switzerland i didn’t have the right shoes to walk in an ice environment.

In Switzerland I fell a first time while visiting a construction site – nobody saw me but a dozen of builders and they ignored me.

In Switzerland I had to hold my boss’ arm everytime we were leaving the hotel.

In Switzerland I managed to fall no more than twice. The first time a pile of snow protected me, the second time I had a big travel bag and it hurt. A lot!

The bruises I got in Switzerland can still be seen on my knees and arm.

In Switzerland I liked it.


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Ok so I haven’t written for a while now, apart from yesterday’s post which has actually been standing ready to publish in my drafts folder for 3 weeks. Sorry about that, I have been really busy. And it’s not a lie. Problem is, you see, I only blog during the week-end when I write two three posts in a go, and I’ve been away for the last three week-ends.

Three week-ends away, three weeks without blogging: all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

Week-end 1: Dublin

That was officially my Graduation party and unofficially a week-end partying with my friends.

Great week-end. I forgot how bright this city is – when the sun shines! It was really amazing, freezing cold too.

In Dublin people are nice.

In Dublin I spent 4 days with my friends and that’s when I realised how much I had missed them: T and AM I’m talking about you.

In Dublin AM’s parents were there and they treated me like I was an other of their daughters, which in Italian is the equivalent of: feeding me! 🙂

In Dublin I went to the pub, just the two of us: T and I, we had burgers and Guiness surrounded by a very drunk office party and it was one of the best meal I had in ages.

In Dublin I did some shopping and it was as expensive as ever (what credit crunch?!)

Eventually, in Dublin airport I waited more than 2 hours before boarding my plane to London because the anti-ice systems weren’t working.

Some of the best piece of life happened in Dublin and go back in time I just need to pay £40 and hop into a plane. Isn’t life wonderful sometimes?


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And I am not ashamed of revealing it – almost not ashamed, just a little bit really:  Strictly Come Dancing!!

It as been nearly a month I’ve started drafting this post and since then my addiction has grown. I now watch “It Takes Two” every day, the Saturday show and the Sunday votes result. I was extremely disappointed of having missed it while in Dublin, and then last week for the semi final.. Well I got over it, thanks God, but had to catch up reading all the blogs and websites dedicated to the show.

I don’t know what it is: the dresses, the music, the dancing, Bruce’s jokes, Austin Healy?


Austin was my favourite from the beginning, all those muscles, and the very revealing costumes he was wearing, the hip moves, everything. Hmm tough…

Now he’s gone, I don’t know who to support any more. I like Tom Chambers,  he is funny and witty and definitly love Camilla, she’s great, and her choreographies are amazing. Rachel Stevens..? Being a girl I find her quite annoying, she’s too perfect: perfect small body, perfect face, perfect dancing, that just shouldn’t be allowed! And then we have Lisa. After all she’s dated George Clooney, and it is a good reason to support her.

I’m even talking about those people as I know them personally… How pathetic is that?

Last time I was that addicted to a reality show programme it was the first season of Star Academy – a kind of mix between Big Brother and the X Factor located in a Castle in Greater Paris, it’s great! And it was about…. 7 years ago!!

I know, I am not growing up, am I?! 🙂

Edit: Quick announcement for anybody trying to reach me on Saturday, my mobile will be switched off from 6pm. It’s the Final!

Edit 2: the final was amazing!!! Tom’s performance made me wanna jump and clap my hands all way through and I wimped like a baby when he eventually got the trophee. Very good night.

I’ve started the evening supporting Lisa, she’s an amazing dancer and I think she really deserved to win!! But then when she was kicked out of the final 2, I was completely behind Tom and Camilla, they put a realy really good show!!

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