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Tomorrow i’m off to Switzerland until Tuesday evening. We are to expect fresh snow and good weather, and accommodation in a 5-star hotel.

It is hard to remember that I will be working about 16 hours a day for the next 4 days- “Have fun!” said my boss. Hmm.. tough one. She probably means enjoy the skiing. That I will do!! No obligation to chat and make conversation to anyone while sliding down the slopes. I am dreading meal time though. I hope nobody will have any crazy requests.

It actually started already, one person asked if there were any way to watch Chelsea v Liverpool on Sunday afternoon – unbelievable! Well I don’t think it is possible, so problem solved! 🙂

Ok, well, have to pack now… Chusss!

“Shoop, shoop, shoop…”


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I know 2009 has already started for 3 weeks or more, but yet it’s still time to wish everybody a very Happy New Year 2009!

So what’s different in 2009?

First of all, I didn’t get drunk on New Year’s Eve, and that is a sure sign of growing up. I did have a very nice evening though, amazing food, nice conversation, good wine, small presents to exchange – very adult, very pleasant. So why am I nostalgic of my boozy New Year’s Eves?? Is 2009 meant to be they year of maturity then? Who knows when it’s ones time to grow up.

Even though I am now working and supposed to be an expert at communications, while socialising, entertaining clients, or during meetings, I still find it very hard to shake off the shy teenager who is not allowed to interrupt the adults talking. I definitely don’t feel like one yet but again, what’s the definition of adulthood?

The first half of January was pretty tough, very depressing work-wise, money-wise and personal-wise. According to the newspapers that was a shared feeling among the UK population. It is always good to know you’re not the only one feeling crap!

And then it started getting better.

In January, my favourite activity is to start planning all my breaks and holidays ahead. I did quite a good job so far. In January you have the whole year ahead to plan romantic getaways, exotic holidays, to visit friends and new cities. Bath, South West of France, Beijing, Dublin?, Portugal?, Brittany – I need more ideas as I have more days to take. I am opened to any suggestions, especially sun destinations.
January is also the month when you take so-called “life-changing” decisions, such as: sign up to a gym, lose weight, take Italian classes, move house, write a book… some sensible, some very optimistic – anything to keep you going.

And then January is also when the Depression was first evoked – what a big word!! It is now on every body’s lips and even though we cannot say it came as a surprised! Recession / depression, abstract words with very tangible consequences. In the Telegraph last week: “Take a pay cut or lose your job!” is now a reality for numerous employees; unemployment rate in London is frightfully high and all we can do is just keep working, do the job as good as possible, bow the head and pray not to be laid off! Welcome to 2009 guys, and think what you will tell your children / grand-children when times are better – hopefully we are going to make it through, and build a stronger world, even fairer maybe!

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