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Now, eagerly expected by many, comes the sequel of What Women Think: What Men Think…

Let’s be fair. A Man is not as subtle as a Woman. That’s well-known and that’s also what ill-informed people might say.

When He says he’d like some crisps he does mean he’d like some crisps. For the rest however there might be some subtleties indeed.

What men think

Well, well, I hope this has been of some help. I’m open if anyone has any new suggestions…


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From now on there won’t be any excuses for males not to understand their female counterparts. With what follows, any human being will be able to get an insight of what is in the other sex’s mind!

I mean it as a guide, a decipherer, an absolute must-have, the last step towards mutual understanding and World Peace. (What do you mean I’m slightly over the top? Me? Never! :))

Over is the time when Men couldn’t make sense of Women. Admire the richness of the nuances:

what-women-think And next time: What Men Think….

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Moving apartment…


Everybody knows of the hassle of moving from an apartment to another… Well it’s a nightmare and I know no one who will not agree!

So we moved apartment – we found the old one too small and too expensive. I was in charge of finding the new place – being the one who wanted most to move out.

I found one: bigger and less expensive.

The new flat is a one bedroom flat in Balham, but still walking distance from clapham south, on the ground floor and with a decked garden! A bit shabby compared to the old one but bigger, brighter and… cheaper (a little)! ahah. It was worth the move.

I can’t wait to really settle and tidy everything and find new place for my stuff. The moving was epic though, it took us 2 days or more precisely 2 evenings as it was during the week and we were both working.

First evening was horrible. We kept arguing the whole evening and moving heavy bags from the old place to the new one walking and by bus… From 6 o’clock to 11 o’clock pm. Well I did most of the work because someone refused to carry too much heavy stuff…

Fortunately a friend was there to help on the second day and we met a very nice mini-cab driver who helped us carry all the boxes and move the big stuff (i.e. coffee table, book shelves, etc.) in his boot. Really nice guy!

So there it is – we were done with the moving and now the tidying was starting. I wanted to have as much as possible done before going to China, I was obviously completely deluded. I’ve now been back for 5 days and still live in a mess of bags and cardboard everywhere… I know! But I couldn’t be bothered to tidy the mess, I’m alone home, BF doesn’t cme back from Peru before the 1st May.

PS: I know the picture doesn’t have anything to do with the topic but I particularly like this view of London, picture I took myself… 🙂

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I‘m back from China. After spending the last three days basically sleeping I went back to work this morning.


Those last two weeks have been hectic: I moved flat, I got sick, I went to China, and now I’m back and it’s already the 20th April… Can’t be. Soon will be summer and then winter again!

I will tell you all about the trip to China later. Now I’m off playing the Sims 🙂

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Happy birthday!!


I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself. Not only I’m still posting to this blog very regularly, but it has been so for 1 YEAR!!! It’s my blog’s first birthday. I’m getting all emotional inside right now, but I’m proud and happy and wish this blog years and years of prosperity.

Yay me! 🙂

1 year in figures:

50 posts
8 categories
103 tags
21 spams

3 Top Posts are:

Looking for the best excuse: “pull the perfect sickie” – Not very surprising, isn’t it?

Recipe 1: Crêpes* – My best success in the kitchen: crepes and waffles!

New Google Street View application – surfing on the actuality is what a good blog should do! (“a bit pretentious” you say? I say “yes, you’re right but it’s my Birthday!”)

So if I understand well, my average reader is a lazy work dodger, who eats crepes while spying on his / her neighbours. Ah, it’s always good to know. Now in a next post I could put all three concepts together and this will be a real hit!

Search engine terms used to arrive to my blog: obviously in relation with the Top Posts, it does make sense, so far.

A good year all in all! 🙂

Search Views
something about london 108
crepe receipe 36
crepes receipe 26
google’s new street view application 20
biz speak 19
street view application 19
recipe for crepes 19
google street view application 18
sicky excuses 16
paris hilton 14
sickie excuses 12
there is something about london 11 – This would be my mother 🙂
google street application 10
pulling a sickie excuses 10

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