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Priceless Gad Elmaleh

Talking about shopping… This is what I went to see on Sunday: Priceless, a rom-com with Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh. Critics have been comparing the film to Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Audrey Tautou with Audrey Hepburn. Hmm, haven’t seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s but I have to say Audrey Tautou is really sexy. I was surprised as I don’t specially like her and I found Amelie especially boring.

And Gad… aaah Gad, I just think he’s the funniest guy ever, I am a huge fan of his stand-up comedies. Although I like him wittier, he was just perfect in this film.

I missed the release in France last year and I was quite glad to see it released in London, here is a little present:


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Shopping practices

kaki trousers

Never again I want to hear guys complaining about going shopping with their girlfriends…

I don’t enjoy shopping. Actually, it’s not completely true, what I do like is spending my money, I love the thrill of spending a large amount of money in just once… It is like having a shot of sambucca (I don’t like vodka), the surge of doing something stupid and then the release and the guilt. Ah this feeling of knowing we shouldn’t have done it but still nothing could have stopped you.

And funny enough it works only when I am spending MY money… I have no future as a golddigger, that’s sure!

So I like spending my money but I hate shopping. Hmmm… What I actually mean is I hate window-shopping. I know. I just can’t stand wasting my time in the shops, spending hours trampling in packed boutiques, and queueing behind strangers.

And that’s exactly what I had to do the whole Saturday! Not for me. Who would have thought that spending the afternoon with a gorgeous guy trying to find the perfect chinos would be such a bore? Because now he has the chinos, he needs sandals, shorts, short sleeves shirts/T-Shirts…

“Exchange healthy and good-looking man in need of a summer wardrobe (shopping for it included) against a job.”

Thank you for your understanding 🙂

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Summer Day

Today is the first day of Summer…

I haven’t much to say to be honest, I’m quite tired, and the week-end is coming.
Hmmm… weather is shite here.

Have a nice week-end everybody!

PS: I had an interview this afternoon, and I’m really expecting a lot from it, I only think about it, even dream about it: last night I had the weirdest dream, I had the interview and I was starting working for them right away. But the job had more to do with being a spy than a PR exec although the office where the exact same as in real life.

I know… weird dream 😉 Shame I don’t remember it better!

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Lord Thriller

Here is a little something that managed to cheer me up yesterday evening after my nth interview!!
Actually my BF* showed me the video 🙂

I just can’t get enough of it…

Not bad, hey?

*This is how I will refer to “The Male I Share The Appartment With” in those pages, I know, not really original, but I have to say I don’t really care, this is my space 🙂
*2 – Don’t you think BF sounds much better than TMISTAW??

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United Boredom (ahah)

Yes, Ladies and Gentlement I’m BORED! I wouldn’t say depressed though, it is a bit strong. For those who don’t know, I’m looking for a job, that’s all I’ve been doing all day long for the last 3 weeks (3 WEEKS!!!).

But sending CV’s and emails doesn’t take me too long, going to 2 interviews per day is also quite relaxed. So what do I do the rest of the time? Nothing really and that’s the problem.

Well I’m exagerating quite a bit. I read (mainly chick lit which I’ve read already..) I play video games (The Sims essentially although I start becoming bored with that too). I visit the neighborhoud, the names of the shops and where to find the best tomatoes in the area by heart. I go to the park, try to suntan slightly before going to Italy in July and literally burn. I go out and get drunk with some friends.

Quite a programme, isn’t it? To make it short: I AM BORED, I WANT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want a job,

I want to wake up at 7 every morning,

I want to spend one hour in a packed Tube to go to work,

I want to be busy all day long and come back home late and exhausted after another hour in a crowded Tube…

I want all that and yet I know I will regret my present state later, or not.

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Ageing Indy

Indianna Jones and the Kingdom of the Cristal Skull

I saw all of them, I loved the Arch of the Covenant, I was Marion and he was Indy and he was saving me from the bad Nazis. I was 12.

When I was 14, I had a serious crush on Dr Henry Jones Senior in the Last Crusade.

I didn’t like the Temple of Doom, too scary for me, having been traumatised by the dinner scene, especially the eyes in the soup and the monkey sorbet.

So, obviously I have been waiting for his return, I watched the trailer about 15 times, I couldn’ wait to see it, and I was highly excited when the day came to watch it. However, I wasn’t expecting much of the movie, jeez!! Indy’s 65!! But still, you know, I had to go

And I went.

To make it short: I liked it. I spent a nice couple of hours, laughed at the jokes, put my head under my jacket at the scary parts and so on. I found Cate Blanchett very good at beeing bad and Karen Allen witty, cute and funny and oh my god it’s so refreshing to finally see an actress without botox or facelift, looking her own age on screen. 25 laters she was the same Marion and I loved it.

Now of course, tere are some parts I’d rather forget, parts that made me cringe badly, you must know what I ‘m talking about…

In spite of it, I only say one thing: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah Indy’s back!!! (and gone again 😦

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New Mayor of London

It is now official by law, London’s new Mayor, Dear Boris, banned drinking in the Tube. Since the 1st of June, you cannot drink your can of Heineken or bottle of Champagne (no discrimination on those pages) in the Tube anymore. But, but, you can still get hammered on saturday afternoon in the common, I say that’s great! At least you enjoy the fresh air.

I don’t know about you but I would have though that fighting binge drinking implied banning drinking in ALL public areas like in other European countries.

It lead me to think, maybe Dear Boris doesn’t take the Tube therefore isn’t concerned but does enjoy his beer in the park some times. Hmmm anyway, I just didn’t get it, I guess, I’m no politician either…

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