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What is it with online fashion websites that everything always seems to be on sales… We are bombarded with email alerts with attractive straplines such as ‘Up to 65%’, ‘70%’, ‘80%’ discounts, ‘Designer Sales’, etc. on a daily basis.

How are we supposed to resist? Even in a recession – especially in a recession – spending £50 on an item that is worth £160 appears like a real bargain.

Now, the question is, would you have bought a £50 shirt/top in the first place?

The answer is obviously – ‘no’.

Although with Fashion Week just round the corner and invitations to fashion parties pouring, one does feel much more vulnerable in that season…

So yes, the skimpy little silk shorts on the picture above now belong to me – although the legs and bum aren’t, I have to admit. And I am sadly really excited by this purchase, I can’t wait to try it on – I have recently bought a dark green silky shirt that would complete the outfit perfectly!

Watch this space…




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